Meet the Team at Graf's Reloading
Meet the team of experts from Graf’s Reloading! With well over 300 years of combined experience, there is no better source for reloading information, supplies, and equipment.

Owner Mike Graf grew up in the firearms industry. His grandfather, Arnold Graf and his two sons, Howard and Bob, started the business in 1957. In 1978, Howard’s son, Mike started working for the company full time and was sent to St. Charles, MO, where after a few years of experience, he became manager of the store. In 1988, Mike purchased the store from the family, and doing business as Graf’s Reloading, has worked here ever since.

General Manager Craig Bischof has been with the company since 1993. An avid deer, turkey, and rabbit hunter with decades of trap and skeet shooting, Craig is uniquely qualified to lead the Graf’s Reloading team. With over 40 years of hunting, muzzle loading, and reloading experience under his belt, coupled with years of working food plots, farming, and wildlife management, Craig is a consummate professional in the firearms industry.

Assistant Manager Donn Schucker has been with the company since 2008 and has almost 40 years of reloading experience. With a particular affinity for handguns, Donn has participated in extensive tactical training, hunting hogs, deer, and various small game. As an NRA certified firearms instructor, range safety officer, and reloading instructor, Donn brings a wealth of experience and practical knowledge to the Graf’s Reloading team.  

Steve Johnston, passed away in early 2019 and was our most experienced expert, with over 60 years of reloading under his belt. As a young man, Steve served our great country in the United States Marine Corps, and was an employee of Graf's Reloading for 20 years. An enthusiastic shooter of handguns, rifles, and shotguns, we will miss his boundless knowledge, outrageous sense of humor, and the endless tales of his many adventures. RIP Brother!

Bill Voirol has been an avid shooter of handguns, rifles, and shotguns all his life. As a deer, turkey, and small game hunter, Bill has enjoyed great success in the field as well as at the loading bench with almost 40 years of reloading experience. Since joining the Graf’s Reloading team in 2008, Bill has been an indispensable asset to both the company and our customers.

Gordon Warfield enjoys spending time at the range with his handguns, rifles, and especially shotguns. With almost 50 years of reloading and shooting experience, Gordon is a former champion trap shooter and has brought a wealth of knowledge to the Graf’s Reloading team since joining us in 2012.

Tim Saxer has been a professional within the firearms industry for more than a decade and has been with us since January of 2019. An avid shooter, firearms instructor, and reloader and bullet caster, Tim’s wealth of knowledge and experience is a welcome addition to the Graf’s Reloading team.

Whether you are interested in muzzle loading, bullet casting, reloading for precision benchrest rifles, big game hunting, target shooting, trap, skeet, sporting clays, or handgun hunting, the Graf’s Reloading team of experts has you covered!